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Key Information on European Food Service Operators

Rankings and Profiles of the major Food Service Operators and Wholesalers in Europe

Food Service-Index is the largest international online database of all major operator and wholesale chains in 7 sectors:

  • Coffee Bars, Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Contract, Party, Airline Catering
  • Road & Airport Catering
  • Fast Food, QSR
  • Wholesale, Delivery, C&C



This practical source of information displays clear rankings and profiles with key data on national and international chains in Europe and some major countries outside Europe (industrialized countries). The operator profiles feature the name and headquarter address as well as contact details, website, management (CEO), turnover development, banners, number of stores, and other relevant information. The operator rankings per country provide a clear overview of the operators based on recent turnover data.
The database is updated frequently by adding new data, sectors, countries, profiles and even outlet front pictures. The current number of retailers per sector and country can be seen by using the scroll-down menu at the top.
Full access to all sectors, all countries, all brands and all operator profiles is only given against paid subscription however; some data are free of charge. To view FREE DATA please select Portugal and any sector in the scroll-down menu at the top. Click on the + for the full operator profile. For free examples of rankings and profiles in various sectors click on EXAMPLES.

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