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TOP Fast Food Chains in Europe
Turnover 2011 in million €
Rank Operator Brand Banner Turnover Outlets Countries
1 McDonalds McDonalds 18,000 7150 40
2 Yum! KFC, Pizza Hut    2,900 3100 22
3 Burger King Burger King  2,650 2800e 20
4 Autogrill Autogrill, BK, a.o.  2,200   900e 17
5 Quick Quick     982   492   3
6 Subway Subway     975 3300 14
7 Domino's Domino's     950 1350 14
8 Starbucks Starbucks     930 1090   7
9 Greggs Greggs, Bakers Oven     810 1570    2
10 Groupe Holder Paul, Laduree     465   450   4
11 Telepizza Telepizza     410 1200 12
12 Le Duff Brioche Doree     375   480   4
13 Nordsee Nordesee     359   420   4
14 The Eat Out Group Bocatta, Pans     285   550   2
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Fast Food in Europe

Fast Food plays a dominant role in the development of Out of Home consumption. In Europe fast food started in the seventies by McDonalds and Burger King, soon followed by the European GB Quick and others. Gradually European fast food companies implemented the training systems and stringent rules to manage the outlets. Manufacturers discovered that the high buying specs were more than balanced by the advantages of long contracts and generally better prices. Suppliers to fast food chains tend to be far more profitable than those who do not.

An important factor that drives the fast growth in this sector is the use of franchising. This gives the chains much easier access to financial resources for their growth.

In our database we included most fast food chains in all European countries. In the search bar at Home & Search we use different sectors, as fast food, restaurants, coffee houses/pubs etc. We try to separate these concepts but it is not always easy to classify them. Most new concepts are mixtures of existing successtul chains.

The fastest growth in Europe can be seen in former east European countries such as Bulgaria. here are some examples:






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